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Jan Talich

Jan Talich is known nowadays an exceptional figure not only on the Czech cultural scene, but also internationally recognised. In his rich career he is able to connect, at the highest level, his knowledge and experiences of several professions. He performs as a soloist, chamber player, conductor and pedagogue the world-over.

This year he will be giving masterclasses in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Neaderlands, Canada and USA.

As a soloist he will be performing in Italy, Germany, Holland and the USA. As a conductor he will be a guest in Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain and the USA. With the Quartet he will tour Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA and Canada.

He has recorded tens of CDs with style ranging form Mozart to gipsy music.

He plays a 1780 violin by J. Gagliano 1780 and a 1600 vilon by G. P. Maggini.

The latest release is a CD with Czech music with pianist Petr Jiříkovský.

"Czech music has been a part of my life since childhood. Not only classical, but even folk. It is, in fact, the melodic beauty and the harmonic and rhythmic richness of folk music, a genre that has become entwined with my heart, which helps me understand the language of our most renown composers who came out of this rich cultural heritage."

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